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a cutting-edge new browser extension - a seamless integration of convenience and information! With this innovative tool, your browsing experience will never be the same again. This extension boasts three remarkable features to enhance your online world. Firstly, it dynamically changes backgrounds based on the time of the day, setting the perfect ambiance for every moment. Additionally, it includes a sleek clock, ensuring you stay on top of your schedule with just a glance. Lastly, to enrich your knowledge, we've incorporated a "daily fact" feature, delivering fascinating morsels of information to your screen each day. Discover a whole new dimension of browsing with our remarkable extension!

By clicking “Add to Chrome”, I accept and agree to installing the Daylight Delight extension and setting Chrome New Tab search provider to Microsoft Bing as described by the service in the Terms of use and Policy

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Daylight Delight is powered by Meganet; a leading Ad-Tech company that provides Search monetization solutions for Digital Media companies that strive to build strong, innovative and profitable business partnerships

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To uninstall Chrome extension please follow the instructions here. We hope to see you again. Please share with us your experience

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